Finding comfort in discomfort

Yes, I know the title sounds just about right!

I must note, I am writing this from my own perspective. Again, it is one of those days where it’s almost midnight and I need to write something instead of overthinking it. Discomfort is such a daily thing for me in general. I almost find it normal now, knowing that discomfort can literally be anything. Do you ever think about it? I do, and I can say that we are living in discomfort now, and perhaps we always did. Nevertheless, I tend to feel it so often that I do not want to do anything. It is such a strange habit I must confess. Yes, it is very interconnected with such phenomena like anxiety. But for some reason I am glad I feel it so often that I do not need to worry anymore literally be anxious! Yes in psychology it is also known as ”mental suffering”, well noting that I must apologize if it does sound depressing, but I feel like it is something we all experience on a daily basis.

So where do I find comfort in this? Well, perhaps being more positive regardless of whatever might make me feel discomfort. By being positive I mean shifting your thinking closer to the ”light”, Doing things that make you happy and accepting that discomfort is just like day and night or black to white. Yes, it is completely normal as long as you have control and it does not turn into something more persistent such as mental disorder and so on.

Start from yourself – bring whatever is taking you down to the light and reflect upon its shadows so that they blemish into the darkness and stop manipulating and controlling your life.

Cognitive Dissonance importance and prevention

At some time we all get across the point where we will experience cognitive dissonance, where we have to support our essential ”truth” that we deeply believe in.

I want to send a message why it is so extremely important for us to keep thinking and debating with each other, not only it broadens up our views upon certain topics or problems, but at the same time makes our awareness stable. When we argue or something crosses the line of our morality or individual opinion, we usually tend to experience the feeling of cognitive dissonance in our subconsciousness. Being aware is a cognitive challenge and is very essential. It is our task to seek for knowledge to defend ourselves and stick to conducive things that we can argumentatively rely on that are more essential to us than the other things, that are important for our moral choices. Argumentative discourse is known as having an argument instead of making a new one, it is such a conversational experience. People use it with incompatible positions leading them to argue (Brockriede (1975) & O’Keefe (1977).

This leads us to Question whether Cognitive dissonance is important for us to perceive different variables in our ego due to argumentative monologue and different intelligence class. Something worth pondering about within ourselves. In terms of its importance, we commonly experience it in cognitive dissonance. That is a big step towards the subjective thinking and compassion towards argumentative dialogue which helps to prevent cognitive dissonance.


My sight is shattering
All i see is dead blossom
All i hear is sad melody
Of eternal obscurity
Full of daily circles
All around me

The days have passed
Is it finally time to lose myself?
To drown in fear of obscurity?
Or to fall and sink?
The shadow is what keeps me poweful
My second half, my second thought
Only you make me shine now brighther than ever.

The Edge


On the edge..
Where I have to take a final step 
A final step for a new life
A final step for the reunion
Or a final step for the end
On the edge..
Where i have to surpass all the boundaries
To live life without fear
To move on
Or to stay
On the edge..
Where my words are honest
My heart is open
My wounds are stuck
On the edge..
Where the end is the new beginning
Where you take the last shot
And the point you get is your final answer
The battle you fought this whole time
The edge is my only saviour
The edge is the end and the beginning
The edge is the universe
The edge is my soul
The edge is your soul
The edge is Love and Pain..

The Attraction for Drugs is Spiritual – Osho

Absolutely True and fascinating to read

Sat Sangha Salon

Drugs are as old as humanity itself, and they certainly fulfill something of immense value. I am against drugs, but my being against drugs is for the same reason as for thousands of years people have been addicted to the drugs.

It may look very strange. The drugs are capable to give you a hallucinatory experience beyond the mundane world. That is the experience that is being searched through meditation.

Meditation brings you to the real experience, and drug gives you just a hallucination, a dream-like experience but very similar. To meditate is difficult. The drug is cheap. But the attraction for drugs is spiritual.

Man is not satisfied with his mundane existence. He wants to know something more. He wants to be something more. Just the ordinary life seems so flat, so meaningless, that if this is all then suicide seems to be the only way out of it…

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